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Mauri Sariola

Help! (Y/B, Gramophone Co., Sold in UK, PMC 1255)
A Hard Day's Night (Y/B, Gramophone Co., Sold in UK, PMC 1230)
White Album (Apple, MONO., Sold in UK, 
PMC 7067-7068 )

Beatles USA: Something New (mono, T-2108)/  Beatles '65 (mono, T-2228)

EP:  Long Tall Sally (GEP8913, 7TCE 822 - 1N, 7TCE 823 - 1N)
ruotsalaiset: GEOS 209 - "I want to hold your hand" ym. ja GEOS 234 - "Help!", vain levyt, kannet on jo

Originaalit singlet:
Parlophone          45- R 4983           Please please me/Ask me why (red Parlophone)
Parlophone           DP 562                 If I Fell / Tell Me Why
Apple                     R 5786                 The ballad of John and Yoko/Old brown shoe
Apple                     R 5814                 Something  /  Come Together
Apple                     R 5833                 Let It Be / You Know My Name (PS)

Kuvakannelliset uusintajulkaisut:
All you need is love/Baby you’re a rich man R 5620
Yesterday/I should have known better R 6013

Dr. Feelgood: Feelgood factor (CD)

Genesis: Wind & wuthering (CD)

John Mayall: Moving on (CD)

Roy Orbison: Classic Roy Orbison / Cry softly lonely one

Talking Heads: Little creatures (CD) /  Naked (CD)